2000 Years

“2000 Years of Christ’s Power”.

What an excellent title for a book. That is the title of the series of books on Church History, by Nick Needham. It really does encapsulate what the Risen Christ, the Ascended Lord, has been doing these past 2000 years, by the power of his holy love.

ISBN: 9780946462490

See: Abe Books, a good store: http://www.abebooks.com/

Or Amazon, also helpful: http://www.amazon.com/


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26 08 2009

Christ has nothing whatsoever to do with worldly power.

How can open hearted love, of which Saint Jesus of Galilee, was a living/breathing demonstration, possibly be interested in worldly power?

Meanwhile these two stark references tell us what INEVITABLY happened when the church was coopted by the Roman state and thus became an entirely world POWER and CONTROL seeking institution.



26 08 2009

Hello John,
Thanks for making some comments.

1. Your assertion, that ‘Christ has nothing whatsoever to do with worldly power’ is very bold and broad. It may need quite some clarification. If you mean, that Jesus only exercises his authority through love, whereas all of sinful humanity exercises power, with less than holy love, and so operates with less than noble agendas and methods – then I would agree.

2. It is true, open hearted love does not need manipulative power.

3. If you read Nick Needham’s books, as I mentioned, you would find that he, along with many Christian historians, are able to acknowledge the failures and corruptions of the church.

Nevertheless, our message—as those who believe the New Testament—is that Christ is today, exercising his power, in true love, as the true Lord of life, and of death. His gracious power, we believe, has been at work amidst the past 2000 years of human history, changing people from being hardened cynical rebels, into glad members of his royal, prophetic, loving and serving family.

I looked up the suggested websites, and sensed the authors of the material have in their own hearts, a fair bit of angst and agro, about the world.

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