Praying Hyde and the Father

1 11 2008

Praying Hyde and the Father (an extract, by G. C. Bingham)

“Early in the twentieth century the famous missionary John Hyde, later known as ‘Praying Hyde’, was one of the founders of the Sialkot Convention—then in North India, now in Pakistan. This Convention is still held annually, and I myself have preached in it many times, often to audiences of 6,000.

Praying Hyde was a man who knew what it was to be quiet and with God. Often he would separate himself from work, from others, and remain for days in prayer. At one of the first Conventions he was in his prayer tent, and it came time for him to speak at a session. Someone approached the tent to call him to speak, but silence met him. When he entered the tent it seemed that Hyde was in a trance. Certainly nothing could bring him to a conscious state. Time and again he was approached, but without success. Finally someone managed to impress him that he must come to the Convention Tent.

He arrived, on its edge. All eyes were fixed on him. He seemed not to see the crowd. He appeared still to be in his trance. Then he lifted eyes upward and said three times in English, and three times in Urdu, ‘Oh Father!’ There was a great hush over the congregation, but the effect of the prayer was electric. Some began to weep, some went into serene silence. Others, we are told, fell to the ground in deep emotion. Others began prayer as though it were a new and wonderful exercise.

So much for the experience. What was the outcome? The answer is, ‘Revival!’ From that moment a wave of reality swept across the crowd at the Convention. It spread into the district. The days that followed saw a rich and useful revival. Some claim that after eighty years the waves are still flowing. This may well be true. In three utterances Hyde had preached a magnificent sermon. He had unconsciously revealed the Father in all His glory, His compassion, His beauty and His saving grace. Hyde himself was a magnificent evangelist. He must have constantly communicated the filial nature of Christ, and the paternal nature of the God of the Scriptures.”

This story is in the book: ‘I love the Father’ (downloadable free on charge), on the New Creation Teaching Ministries web site:



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