Six World Views

13 01 2009

David A. Noebel has written a very comprehensive book entitled: ‘Understanding the Times’ (Summit Press).

In this book he lists, the six major world views as follows:

(1) Christianity

(2) Islam

(3) Secular Humanism

(4) Marxism-Leninism

(5) Cosmic Humanism (Hinduism, New Age)

(6) Post Modernism


He then gives a detailed, succinct analysis of the following areas, in each World View:

1. Theology

2. Philosophy

3. Ethics

4. Biology

5. Psychology

6. Sociology

7. Law

8. Politics

9. Economics 

10. History.

  * He concedes you could add Art, Music and Literature.

However, he claims that in these 60 ideas (6 World Views x 10 Disciplines), one has the Key to Understanding the Times in  which we are living.

This is a book well worth reading, pondering, and reflecting upon. Having seen this outline, or overview, one then needs, of course, the wisdom given by God, to chart a truthful course through life, amidst all this. Whether at school, in the workforce, in the church, or just as a thoughtful member of the community, this book can help a person to set their thinking in a clearer light.



2 responses

13 01 2009
Jason Goroncy

Trevor. Thanks for the heads-up in this. Are you planning on posting a fuller review? I’d value your thoughts.

16 01 2009

Thanks Jason. I have been considering a fuller review, but have decided against doing so. I am grateful to David Noebel, primarily for the work he has done, and for the way in which he has set out the book. It is certainly a helpful framework for approaching his subject. This is his major strength – the framework.

However, there are, I believe, some significant weaknesses with his work. For example, if you read his section on Christian Theology, you may find that his approach to the matters of revelation, and even trinitarian theology, lack the carefully nuanced, well argued theology one would like to see – even in a brief overview. So, perhaps I will leave those comments hanging there, for now. (Recalling again, Paul’s comments: ‘All Things Are Yours’. … so one can draw upon many sources—this one of David’s included—in proclaiming Christ).

By the way, I asked David about his co-authoring with Tim LeHaye. I was concerned that to co-author with the ‘left-behind’ series author, tends to convey the idea that this, ‘left-behind’ theology, is what you also, believe. He said that it certainly helped his sales of books! But that any criticism of LeHaye’s theology, he also found, was mud, that also stuck upon him. I questioned the wisdom of the utilitarian approach, for book sales. He noted, that what was done, was done.

Well Jason, ‘Entrust your soul to a faithful Creator’!-is what I would like to echo. That statement, of Peter’s, is a very brief, very helpful overview, and good note to leave on. Cheers.

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