Evil accomplishes absolutely nothing in the ultimate

20 05 2009

My friend Geoff Bingham speaks of the enemies of a Christian, as “a phalanx of evil seeking corporately to destroy us”. An infantry, close knit army of opponents, like sin, Satan, the principalities and powers, the world, the flesh and death’.

He goes on to say that ‘evil is unremitting in its implacable intention to destroy’.

But then this statement: ‘Evil accomplishes absolutely nothing in the ultimate’. 

Christ’s cross is the place or victory for the truth, and for good. It means also, the defeat of evil – ultimately.  Evil is doomed, and Christ reigns.

To be sure, God’s truth is marching on, against the “phalanx” of evil. Jesus Christ has triumphed over all the powers of evil. His building will accomplish all that is needed for a substantial future for humanity – a humanity of faith, and hearts changed towards God.

(See page 226 in The Splendour of Holiness, G. C. Bingham)



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10 06 2009

A prayer of Luther:

O Lord God, I am weak and fearful. I flee evil and do all I can to guard myself against it. Nevertheless, I am in your hands as I face this evil and every other evil that may overtake me. To flee is not enough, for evil and misery are everywhere. The devil, who has been murdering from the beginning, tries to bring misery, and he never rests or sleeps. Now you have confined me to this place. Your will be done, for I am your poor creature. You are able to deliver me in this extreme danger as easily as though it were but fire, water, thirst or any other peril. Amen.

10 06 2009

Amen. Thank you a.k. Yes, the damaging horror of this non-reality we call evil, is surpassed only by the great and glorious grace, in Christ, which is able to, for all time, all eternity, reverse the horror of the fall, redeem that which is lost, glorify humanity in the risen One, and to make all things new.

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