a prayer for me, and for you…

2 06 2009

Dear Father, 

It seems a long time since we have had a proper talk. As Jesus has taught us to pray, so it is good to say, Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name—your name! 

It is good to be able to pray to you. Thanks for short simple prayers. Thanks for little silent groans that you hear and answer. Thank you too, for the sanity that a longer, more framed, and almost formal prayer, brings to one’s mind.  (No wonder people—Anglicans—have for years, loved their book of common prayer). And then the Psalms are so good to read too. 

But it is time just for a slightly theological, prayer-full of the Spirit, rejoicing:

Thank you for sending your dear Son into the world, to become one with us – your beloved, yet sinful humanity.

Thank you Jesus for bearing our sins, in your body on the Tree, once, for all, to redeem this lost world of cities, towns, homes, lonely ones, and powerful nations.

Thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to us, to open our minds and hearts to know you, and love you, and to bring us insight and understanding of the gospel, and its centrality for all creation, for all of eternity.

Help my family and friends, Lord. Comfort, encourage, heal, humble, strengthen, quieten, forgive them, reconcile, and cheer them—all those good things!

Help me to encourage them. Help my life to be a small blessing to lots of people here and there.

(Even if it is simply talking kindly, and thankfully and thoughtfully, while appreciating the service and work, of the lady in the chicken shop, hot, tired, frustrated with things, greasy, and just serving one person after another—all of them hungry and in a hurry—and her in need of a cheerful moment. Bless your servants Lord, that this world may rejoice in hope now, and one day in full voice!). 

And now unto you O Lord, who by the power at work within us (the resurrection power) is able to do far more abundantly than all we can ask or think, to you be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.



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