Geoffrey C. Bingham dies – (goes home!)

3 06 2009

Geoffrey Bingham – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Today Geoff Bingham died. He is one of the dearest of men, that I know. He has been a friend, a mentor, a joyful preacher and teacher of the Christian faith, a doctor of theology, a missionary to Pakistan, a former POW in Changi in WW2, and a prolific and notable Australian author – and one to whom many, many people are grateful for his help and encouragement.

In particular Geoffrey has taught the heart of the Cross of Jesus Christ, and the grace of God known there, he has taught the hope and joy of creation redeemed through Jesus resurrection, and he has – perhaps as well as any – taught the Fatherhood of God.

Geoffrey has been a theologian and preacher of the heart! He has left a rich legacy in New Creation Teaching Ministries. 

May the Lord comfort Laurel—his dear wife, and his family, and the many, many people who will miss him. Much will be written about him. As the years roll on, many will undoubtedly discover his writings, and do so with great joy.

That is my small comment, for now.  … thanks dear Geoff, thank you!



One response

11 06 2009
David L. Griffin

Thank you Father for the gifting and calling Geoffrey C. Bingham. I am one of those who have been deeply blessed through the friendship, and ministry of Geoffrey. He was and is deeply loved by many who have known him.

His clear preaching and teaching especially on the Grace, Love and Mercy of God the Father has certainly had a profound effect on so many of us.

Thank you too Father for Geoffrey’s wife Laural as a faithful fellow minister and helpmate down through the years. I am sure that all who have any personal knowledge of the Binghams will be thinking of Laural at this time.

We give Our Heavenly Father all the glory and praise for giving us such a faithful and loving servant, for so long. Help us to be faithful loving servants too.

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