Aboriginal Communities… and Christ

7 10 2009

Many Aboriginal Australian people are Christians.  Many Aboriginal people are eager that more of their own people might become believers in Jesus, the Son of God, too. They know that the life of a Jewish man, who lived to be 33 years of age, some 1974 years ago, has much to do with their past, their present and their future. The God of creation, is the One who, through the Word – Christ the eternal Son, made this land of Australia, and placed his people – made in his image and likeness – within it.

The good news of Jesus of Nazareth, risen for all nations, came to this land, through the exploration, movement and settlement of mainly European people.  This news made a huge impact upon many Aboriginal People.

Sadly, the disrespect, the attitudes, the cruelty and cultural snobbery and insensitivity that came on the same ships, with it, was often far from honorable; it was in many instances brutal, violent and harsh. Churches were often wrong in their judgments. Decisions were often unwise, and tragic in their consequences. The stolen generation is a case in point.

Nevertheless, the gospel came. It came, and in time, it was received with great gladness. It still is, in parts and in communities, as redeeming grace stuns people afresh.

Briefly: A very significant awakening to the person of Jesus, and to his Father—the Father, the Creator of the Universe—took place on Elcho Island in 1979.

Australia is a land known to many as ‘The Great South Land of the Holy Spirit’.

On Sunday nights I attend the ‘Adelaide Berean Church’ in Queenstown – almost into Port Adelaide. Amidst the weekly local news, other news comes from across the State and across the Australian continent.

It is again, news among several Aboriginal communities, that they are seeing a fresh move of the Spirit, and an awakening to the Lord’s love and presence.  It is early days, but it is good to pray for these things, and to share in this way, in what the Lord is doing.



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