Dolphin Darting

6 08 2010

Darkness dies.

Day dawns.

Dog and Dog-owner, down daily dunes.

Delightful dog – dips, … drips.

Directed? Drawn? ….  dorsal-fin…. dapper!….

“Dolphin! Dolphin! Dolphin! ”

Dolphin darting, diving.

Darting, diving, darting, diving. Dolphin!

Dolphin devouring delicious delicacies!

Decisive. Decisively devouring different delicious delicacies.

Dignified Dolphin!

Devouring delicacies.


Deadly: distressed, deceptive, defiant, desperate delicacies … devoured, die.

Dashing Dolphin!

Debonair Dolphin!

Dazzling dolphin!

Dog-owner delirious.

Dynamic Day.

Dear-day: day-off.


Demands diligent documenting.

Details done!

“Dolphin Darting” . Done.

© Trevor Faggotter, 6.8.2010




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