The Resurrection—Unlike Anything

6 04 2011

Death. There is “a full stop” at the end of Christ’s death. Death.

It is a real death – a final death –a proper death – a tragic death – a human death. The Eternal Son of God, is… yes, …murdered, put to death. The image of a chrysalis, being transformed into a butterfly is a totally inadequate illustration of the resurrection of Jesus. It should be scrapped! It should be discarded from all children’s talks. It does not demonstrate Christ’s resurrection.

Pupa to butterfly is a marvel, no doubt. But it is not the Easter event at all. It is simply part of the wonder of creation, of life – of life flowing and maturing, growing and moving from one stage of goings-on to another. (It would be better to consider the image of a squashed butterfly – dead, finished! … now bring that to life!!).

The death of Jesus – his murder, and the subsequent resurrection of Jesus cannot be illustrated. There is nothing like it. There never will be. It is unique. No symbol can ever convey or represent this mystery. The glorious resurrection of Jesus was as a man. His risen body is real, not ghostly (Luke 24:39). This grand event is crucial for the future of all creation.

It takes the Holy Spirit of the Living God to publicly portray Christ as crucified, and to sheet home to us the enormous benefits of his death. And of course our total need of it—each one. It also takes the Spirit, to enlarge faith – and assurance, to know this Jesus who has been raised from the grave, for us all.

Looking forward to a glorious resurrection body? (Philippians 3:21). And what of the Father, who so loved the world? What love!  O Worship the Lord in Holy Array!!       Cheers, Trevor



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