Return My Zeal

13 07 2011
Return My Zeal

Give me back my burning zeal,

Give me back the fire I knew,

Cause me to rise again in faith,

And cry the message of Your love.


Let not the pining of my heart, 

The hurts that made my soul withdraw,

Be counted as real in that great day

Nor be a mountain in my sight

That now I cannot climb.

Faith takes the hill, removes the pile,

Restores the inner fire to burn again

Until the nations of the world

Have heard the message of their God

That He has saved their souls.


Forgive the dimming of that flame,

The sinking down to ashes grey,

Breathe with Your Spirit into it

And make the fire become the blaze

Consuming all my love of ease.


And cause the flesh of me to glow,

Inspiring heart, enflaming mind

Until I saw beyond these eyes

The conquest of all evil powers.


I saw the conquest of our hearts,

Once bent on evil and on sin,

Now gripped by love, by pure love

That conquers death arid hell itself

Until mankind itself be free.


Come down, dear Lord, in pity come,

Renew the fire until it glow,

Until my voice cry out again

To all the nations of the earth,

‘Repent and find your God,

Repent, believe, look up, receive.

Messiah the Lord of heaven and earth

Will pardon to eternity,

And give his own new birth.’

© Geoffrey Bingham, in 'This Building Fair', NCPI, 1988



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