4 08 2012

In Afghanistan, the population consists of:

  • 29,074,395                Muslims, [29 million]
  • 20,000                        non-religious,
  • less than 15,000     Christians
  • less than 3,000       Hindu

…this is not counting the foreign military.

There are 48,000 mosques, but not a single Christian church building.

Problems include:

(1) Threat of violence from the Taliban,

(2) Health risks—infant mortality rate (diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, pneumonia), lack of clean water for 78% people.

(3) Refusal to allow women to receive medical care from men. (Sigh!!)

(4) The disabled—1million—often from landmines… have little provision for their care.

(5) Poverty and living standards

(6) Drugs—”are a scourge on the nation, and indeed the world”.  90% of the world’s opium grown here. Heroin and opium addicts abound.

They are receiving billions of dollars in foreign aid; hopeful signs: people under 20 have known nothing but war, and long for education, employment and freedom.

WOMEN: The status of women especially warrants prayer. Very few have heard of Christ’s love. Life expectancy for them is only 44 years. They are treated harshly and only 5% go to secondary school, and over half are brides at under 16 years of age. Many commit suicide.

They need Scripture, literature, audio resources, radio is a useful way to share the gospel. The Jesus film was a great help to many. Mobile phones are being used to share Scripture on audio-text files.


عزیز خدا پدر ما، که در عیسی مسیح به ما می آیند، کمک به مردم افغانستان برای شنیدن و آموختن از عشق، امید خود را، قدرت خود را به تغییر ملت ها، و قدرت قیام خود را در محل کار در جهان امروز است.تشکر از شما که شما در حال فرستادن مردم برای به اشتراک گذاشتن عشق خود را در این کشور، در میان تمام ظروف سرباز یا مسافر و دچار مشکل و تدمير.با تشکر از شما برای رسیدن به رحمت خود.ما به خصوص برای زنان و دختران جوان دعا می کنم به مهربانی شما را می شنوید، عزیز خدا زندگی واقعی.در نام عیسی مسیح. آمین.

Dear God our Father, who has come to us in Jesus Christ, please help the people of Afghanistan to hear and learn of your love, your hope, your power to change nations, and of your resurrection power at work in the world today. Thank you that you are sending people to share your love in this country, amidst all the mess and trouble and destruction. Thank you for the reach of your mercy. We especially pray for the women and young girls to hear of your kindness, by revelation – dear true Living God. In Jesus name. Amen.

Tahmina Kohistani



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