7 08 2012

In the mountainous Balkan republic which is Albania, there are 3.1 million people: About 2/3 are Muslim, 1/3 Christian, some non-religious, with quite strong tensions between the Muslim, Catholic, and Orthodox. From 1944-1991 Communism was imposed on the country. The new religious freedom, has since seen a significant growth in the work of the small numbers evangelicals. As we might expect, a lot of cults and ‘cowboys’ rushed in. I see the evangelicals are at work amid ‘The Bektashi’, a Sufi dervish movement, deemed heretical by Sunni Muslims because of the influence of folk religion and the occult. Looks like a good time for the locals, who know Jesus Christ well, to see their own, authentic work advance. I am thinking of a book I have recently ordered, ‘Signs Amid the Rubble’ (Newbigin).

The capital city is Tirana. There are a good few ‘gypsies’ there. And over half of all Albanians live outside Albania – many in what is now the independent, largely Muslim country of Kosovo.




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