9 08 2012

Algeria has 80% Sahara desert land, parts of the Atlas Mountains—and then some beautiful agricultural land on the Mediterranean coast. For 132 years it was a French colony. In 1962 Independence was won, after a bitter war. Since then, political and economic failure, and continual battle with militant Islam.  With 97.29& of the population being Islamic, the little 0.28% of the people who are Christian (mind you, that is over 100,000 of them), certainly have the task ahead of them.


They are war-weary, tired of blood-shed and endless violence. Persecution is increasing. So is the push for shari’a law. Non-Muslim worship outside of pre-approved buildings is forbidden. There is a government ban on importing bibles. There is no ministry specifically geared for children.

However, there are some good things: the ‘Jesus Film’, radio, satellite TV and the internet discipling chat rooms are means that are proving effective n sharing the gospel. Bible translation work into a few Berber languages and Algerian Arabic is proceeding, too. All this, amidst a lot of poverty and slum-living.

Oh, and you may have heard of a most famous Algerian—St. Augustine (Aurelius Augustinus, 354–430). What a giant. He was greatly honoured, admired and quoted by Luther and Calvin, and Barth.

The Ascended Christ is the only Redeemer of humanity’s wreckage, sadness and ruin. He lives and reigns, over Algeria.

Lord Jesus Christ, we pray for the battling pastors and church in Algeria, to be a rich blessing as they preach the Word of hope, among the 35 million people who live in life’s darkness, there in Algeria.

الرب يسوع المسيح، ونحن نصلي من أجل رعاة الكنيسة، وتقاتل في الجزائر، إلى أن تكون نعمة غنية لأنها تبشير بكلمة من الأمل، من بين 35 مليون شخص الذين يعيشون في ظلام الحياة، هناك في الجزائر.

Seigneur Jésus-Christ, nous prions pour les pasteurs qui luttent contre l’église et en Algérie, pour être une bénédiction riches que prêcher la Parole de l’espoir, parmi les 35 millions de personnes qui vivent dans les ténèbres de la vie, il en Algérie.




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