13 08 2012

19 million people. Capital, Luanda. Life expectancy 46.5 years.Very high infant mortality rate and chronic malnutrition.

“Widespread poverty despite having some of the world’s richest natural resources.Enormous untapped potential — huge oil reserves, diamonds, minerals and good agricultural land… but…little trickle-down benefit to the millions of destitute.” (Operation World).

A Portugese colony for 450 years (official language: Portugese). The history Includes Marxism’s inherent failure to win hearts to this doomed ideology, Cuban military assistance propped it up for a while, civil war has been cruel (almost constant war for 40 years, from 1962-2002), ‘Separatist agitation persists’.

‘The first President, a Marxist, vowed to eradicate Christianity with 20 years (and obviously failed)’. Wow. For still, the population is 94% Christian, 4% Ethno-religious, 1.1% Muslim.

For every 350 people, 1 is victim of land mines! 70-90% of the population live in poverty.

Ascended Lord Jesus, we look to you, and we pray for reconciliation to flow from the cross of Calvary, where the Father made you, to BE sin and judged it all, so that in you we might be forgiven, and made new. We pray for the healing of the many deep, and painful wounds among this unique part of your amazing and wonderful, yet deeply suffering humanity. We pray for the strengthening of Christian leadership, and in particular for a new start ‘in Christ’, for the children. 




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