14 08 2012

Aruba is an island, 33km long and situated 28km north of Venzuela, in the Caribbean Sea. The Capital is Oranjestad. About 107, 500 people live there, and the official language is Dutch (however there are several English speaking churches on the island).


  • Since 1986 Aruba has been a self-governing part of the Kingdom of Netherlands.
  • Some 74% of the people identify as Catholic, and Christianity comes in at an overall 93%.
  • As expected the island is heavily dependent upon tourism.
  • Problems for the island include illegitimate births (50% of them all), teen drug addiction and the need for unity among believers, especially when the slick, white-shoe brigade type of church and theology arrives to set up shop.
  • The gospel is proclaimed there, through three Christian radio stations.

Together with the local Christians, we pray that newcomers to the island from Asia, Latin American and other parts of the Caribbean, may hear and respond to the good news of eternal life, through Jesus Christ. We also pray for the grace of God and the redemptive power of the Holy Spirit to come anew to the children, teenagers, young mums and dads – as well as the tourists, as they enjoy the Father’s joyful and beautiful creation. If anyone is in Christ: new creation. The old things have passed away, the new have come. All this is from God who was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself.



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