20 08 2012

How easy it is to forget the little islands that are Australian Territories:

1. Christmas Island, 2,360km northwest of Perth. Population is1,600 people and only 240 Christians, 70% are Chinese; The economy is served by Phosphate mining [and a popular destination for Asylum seeker boats]; commercial spaceport construction planned.

2. Cocos Islands (Keeling). Two atolls and 27 coral islands halfway between Australia and Sri Lanka. Population is 670 with Coconut plantation the sole crop; small income from tourism. 71% Muslim, 19% Christian (i.e. 130 Christians). Most people are Malay.

3. Norfolk Island. 1,500 km east of Australia. It is famous for the Norfolk Pine. It is also self-sufficient in agriculture. It has an infamous history as a penal settlement for some of England’s worst convicts. Big on tourism, these days. Population 2,234 people and 95% are Anglo-celtic, 5% pacific islanders (It was once all Polynesian).  With 68% Christian and the remainder non-religious.


Living Lord, may the people who know you, and live on these 3 islands be given a renewed heart to share the gospel, for the benefit of all who live in these somewhat isolated places, but who are part of your stunning world.




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