15 09 2012

“Holidaying in the Bahamas” has become a popular saying, that rolls off the tongue. But since there are more important things in life, for the people of the Bahamas—indeed for us all—then some other aspects of life in the Bahamas need to be considered, for this archipelago of 700 coral islands between Florida and Cuba. For, 40 of them are inhabited by human beings, for whom Jesus, the Christ, laid down his life.

For the 345,736 residents some 80% are African Caribbean, 11% European and then there are others. Of these people some 94% identify themselves as Christian. And we thank God for the strong Christian legacy and the public faith of many political leaders, praying afresh for the unifying work of the Bahamas Christian Council, and we are thankful for the increasing influence of the National Day of Prayer.

The four major challenges for prayer are:

1. Materialism: this has been stimulated as we may expect, by Tourism. Displays of foreign wealth of staggering proportions, tax shelters and ostentatious living, has affected general public morality, and outworks itself in violent crime, drug us and armed robberies.

2. Christian commitment is low. Congregations lack adequate pastoral care, and lack many eager participants in the Lord’s work—his mission of grace, and needful judgment, to the world.

3. The younger generation need to be reached with good news, and integrated into the larger body of Christ.

4. The growing Haitian diaspora—a needy group—are resented by the Bahamians.

This little blog article simply highlights the prayer needs of the world, according to the magnificent book serving the Christian church, entitled ‘Operation World’, edited by Jason Mandryk. 



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