25 09 2012

It seems hard to believe, but this Island has had a Parliamentary government since 1647. It has been independent from Britain since 1966. It has continued as a stable democracy since then.

Tourism, sugar, light industry and off-shore banking, are at the heart of economic life in Barbados.

Barbados is 94.94% Christian, of a total of 273,000 people, in this prosperous and successful island state in the Caribbean.

Prayer points:

1. The legacy of slavery. Scars remain from when Anglicanism endorsed and prospered from slavery.

2. Genuine responsiveness to the present Lordship of Jesus Christ, is an ongoing issue.

3. The Churches are dealing with denominational mistrust.

4. External mission forces:  The community are increasingly involved with the occult, and are under constant ‘missional’ activity from Muslims and Mormons.

5. Young people: are subject to high degrees of sexual immorality, births outside of marriage, cohabitation and disregard for marriage. Children and youth need more helpful programs.

um, …Britain politicians like holidays there



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