30 10 2012

Belize, is a Latin American country bordered by Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea. It has the world’s second-largest coral barrier reef.


Belize has a population of 314,000 and, although made up of people of very mixed descent, it is nevertheless 83% Christian, even if a syncretist thrust exists (It was formerly British Honduras). It has a large public debt, mostly laboring jobs, and a high cost of living. Ecotourism is the main income stream, but as the reef slowly dies, what will be of the economy? Desire to tap the oil reserves in the pristine jungle will come under huge pressure in the approaching years.

Problems, calling forth prayer:

1. Syncretism and Legalism. Mayan paganism and Garifuna black magic go into “the mix”.

2. HIV/AIDS is a serious threat, with infections rising at a disturbing rate.

3. Belize is an ‘over evangelised nation’. Unity is an uphill battle. Endless visits from ‘Christian Mission-trippers’ has unfortunately, often not helped.

4.Most Pastors work bi-vocationally, but have need of renewal in training.

Dear Christ Jesus, Lord of the Church, and redeemer of creation, by your Spirit renew the minds and hearts of the the Belize Christians, that they may see clearly the mission before them, of proclaiming a true and gracious Word to the community in which they live. Give them a fresh dynamism in the faith which is theirs, and strengthen them to be people of hope with good things to say and do. May the churches see anew that there is one God and Father of us all, one Lord, one faith, one baptism and one great gospel given to the human race. Help the leaders to shake off all dabbling in the old occult-driven ways. May the ministries of mercy to those in poverty, issue in renewed vigour to the life of the local church. Amen.



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