3 11 2012

Area: a mere 54 square kilometres. About 200 islands in the North Atlantic.

Capital: Hamilton 11,600.

“Its superb climate and geographical position make it a tourist paradise and a lucrative tax haven for many offshore companies”.

Public Debt: 2.2% of GDP.

Income/person: $90,015 (197% of USA).        […Yep, they are extremely wealthy in Bermuda]

Politics: A dependent territory of the UK. A stable self-governing parliamentary democracy, but the largest government apparatus per citizen in the world.

Religion: Freedom of religion.

Population: 65,000

Religions:  Christian 90.54%, Non-religious 6.7%, Ethnoreligious 2.1%, Baha’i 0.60%, Buddhist 0.04%, Jewish .02%

Prayer Points:

1. ‘The world’s wealthiest Black majority territory still faces challenges. The disparity of wealth and the ageing population will test the practical righteousness of the churches as will the influx of immigrants from poorer Caribbean nations. Gang-related violence has rapidly escalated in recent years. Pray for a godly response to these issues’.

2. ‘Bermuda is an earthly paradise, and Christianity is a strong part of its heritage. Sadly, the appearance of religion takes priority over genuine spirituality. Pray for revival that brings lifestyle in line with biblical knowledge’.

3. ‘The Church’s impact is blunted by a failure to work together… Pray for genuine unity and collaboration for effective ministry in Bermuda and beyond’.

* All quotes taken from Operation World, p. 150-151

Quirky bit… ah of course, ‘The Bermuda Triangle’.

“The real mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is why so many debunked theories were accepted as fact.”  haha




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