29 05 2013

Canada – a mixed blessing!  

1. An abundance of beauty, (the world’s second largest country), a variety of people groups – 34 million, rich in natural resources, clean and largely the recipients of a grand native, and significant Christian heritage.

2. And yet—while 72% claim Christian faith—publicly the government policy-making and negative attitudes towards biblical, evangelical values, follows a secular, pluralistic mood, and the pattern in Canada is, a decline of genuine Christianity.

Two contrasting examples:

(1) The United Church of Canada (some similarities to the Uniting Church in Australia) has been swamped for a long time, by secular humanistic, unbiblical thinking.  The centrality of Christ’s substitutionary atonement on the cross, and the clarion call for faith in Jesus, and repentance of ways and thoughts, and a receiving of God’s judgement, forgiveness and grace in Christ – is being replaced by non-Trinitarian language, thought and practise. The slide from good theology to bad, has been accompanied by a corresponding decline in membership. Universalism and the GLBT agenda has, sadly, been a high priority for so many.

(2) Regent College, Vancouver, Canada has been an excellent college for theological and ministerial training, with some great global leaders. Biblical, conservative scholar and theologian, J. I. Packer has made a huge excellent global contribution to the life of the Church, and so to gospel proclamation among the nations. He has been part of the Anglican Church in Canada.  His stance is that the church is in crisis over the attempts to include same sex unions into the legitimate, normalised way of life for Christian people. He says that to ignore the warnings of the New Testament is fatal, for people, and for the church’s message.

Other big Regent College names include Eugene Peterson and Gordon D. Fee.



Capital: Ottawa 1.18 million, Toronto 5.5 million, Montreal 3.3 million, Vancouver 2.2 million.

Life expectancy: 80.6 yrs.

Languages:  English, French (Quebec), Indigenous (86 languages), Asian, Other

A strong legacy or democracy, Christian at base, has shaped the nation.


Canada !








Prayer Points:

Catholicism, by far the largest makeup of believers in the country has seen vibrant, charismatic renewal. Pray that the influence of earnest believers will continue to grow and affect the nation for good.

Protestants and Anglicans: have seen a decline from 45% in 1950 to only 11% today. The liberalisation has served to sharpen the true believers to contend for the faith, and to trim the ‘dead wood’ too, but it has also brought confusion and strife into the whole body of Christ.

Evangelical Churches: Not doing so well recently either. From 25% of the population in 1900 to 8% today.

Charismatic Movement: The ‘Toronto Blessing’ was known for a rediscovery of the power of the Holy Spirit in human living today. However the tendency to excess and the intrusion of strange or questionable phenomenon, also brought some confusion, and quenching of the Spirit’s awakening power, and of Christ’s Word from, and of, and unto the Father.

Many First nation peoples have been neglected, historically. Like Australia, attempts have been made to restore injustices and reconcile, where failures and tragic Europeanisation have been so detrimental. Pray for the love of Christ to bring healing and a new appreciation for the genuine gospel, of grace, mercy and peace in the Cross.

Immigration has been deliberately pursued as part of the nation agenda to help refugees and to grow a multi-cultural, plural nation of many cultures. Chinese (1.4 million), South Asians (1.05 million) including many Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims have settled in Canada.

We Pray that this blessed nation may discover, and rediscover the greatness of Jesus Christ, Lord of creation, Saviour of the Nations, and Redeemer of Humanity. We pray that the freedom may be preserved to publicly proclaim Christ. It is getting more difficult as secular ideas and ideals, try to dominate public life.



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