Cape Verde Islands

11 06 2013

Fifteen dry barren islands 600km off the west coast of Africa.

Capital: Praia 128,000 people…  Total: 520,000 people.

Literacy: 81.2%

Economy: ‘Arid land means 80% of food must be imported. Heavily dependent on aid and remittances from migrants. Unexploited tourist and fishing potential‘. (OW)

Politics: ‘Independent of Portugal in 1975 as a one-party socialist republic. A revised constitution in 1990 led to multiparty elections and a peaceful change of government’. (OW)

Religion: A secular state with freedom of religion (The privileged position of the Catholic Church ended in 1975).

Christian: 94.56%  Muslim: 3.1%  Other: 2.34%

Prayer Points:  (from ‘Operation World’, p. 199)

1. Economic and ecological issues. Scant resources, poorly managed. Pray for leaders to make wise decisions to develop a genuine future.

2. Most Caboverdians are Catholic in name, but in practice are more influenced by superstitions and African fetishism. Christian literature is lacking in Creole, and most people have only a rudimentary grasp of Portugese.

3. Newer religious groups are growing rapidly. This includes evangelicals, but also marginal groups. The Nazarenes have the longest Protestant presence. More recent arrivals feature Pentecostals from Brazil and the USA. Pray that more indigenous leaders and pastors may be trained for these growing groups.  Pray that believers might mature and increase despite poverty and geographic isolation.

4. ‘There are 490,000 Caboverdians living in migrant communities; the largest are in New England, USA (266,000), Portugal (80,000), Angola (46,000), Senegal and France. Their remittances are vital to those living in Cape Verde’ (OW). We pray that many in these communities may become true disciples of Jesus and be spiritual and economic blessings to their homeland.



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