Faeroe Islands

1 06 2020

Also called Faroe Islands.

It is an Archipelago of 18 rugged islands between Iceland and Scotland, 16 of which are inhabited. Total area, a mere 1,399 square km. Situated between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea.

Capital: Torshavn      20,300 people

Map of Faroe Islands

People: Faeroese 97%, Danish 2.6%, Other 0.4%

Official Languages:  (1) Faeroese, which is if the Scandinavian family; (2)Danish. Both have Bibles.

‘The fishing industry (along with fish farming) accounts for 50% of the GDP and for almost all exports. There remains hope, although dwindling, or exploitabke oil reserves, which would help diversify the economy’. (Operation World, p. 331).

Life Expectancy: 79.3 years

Politics: A self governing region of Denmark. The parliamentary democracy is usually represented by coalition governments, and since it is not part of the EU, all trade is governed by special treaties.

Religion: Completely free. Although the Lutheran Church is recognized as the national church, and is supported by a state-levied tax.

Christian 90.50%.    Non-religious  9.28%.     Other.   0.08%.   Baha’i.  0.05%

Prayer Points:

  1. We pray for wisdom in Government, to oversee their increasing autonomy from the Denmark government.  For courage to make strong decisions regarding the shrinking fishing industry, and the oil industry speculative discussions.
  2. We pray for the ongoing fresh movement of the Holy Spirit among the people.
  3. We pray for the 29% of the population who are evangelicals to be built up in the faith, alive to, and alert, and aware of the big issues at work in the world, and able so to be a blessing to the wider community.  For the robust, Christ centred theology needed, to continue to receive the Scriptures as the written Word of God, (that bears witness to Jesus – the incarnate Word of God) and to be able to receive the scientific insights of modern study, in a way that enhances biblical faith.
  4. We pray for the good aspects of the Christian radio and TV resources, to be fruitful in assisting the churches, in the making of disciples of Jesus Christ.

We give thanks O Lord for this unique group of people, in this uncommon environment. May they be a blessing in your world, Father, as they make their unique contribution.




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