Falkland Islands

7 06 2021

Some 740 islands make up the Falkland Islands nation, situated some 600km east of Patagonia in Argentina. This is a self-governing British Overseas Territory. The two islands inhabited all year round, are South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands.

Capital: Stanley, 2,200 people

Total Population: 3,100 people

Economy: Fishing, Sheep farming, Tourism.

Many will recall the conflict of 1982, between the UK and Argentina. Overwhelmingly the local population desire self-governance, reflected in the 2009 constitution.

Religions: Christian 65%, Non-religious 33.5% Baha’i 0.4 % Other 0.9%


We pray for wise and fair agreements and for understanding between all three parties (UK, Argentina, Local Falklands People). We pray for all who are working to see reconciliation for all involved (Operation World, 2010, p. 333).

We pray for the ongoing work of the local churches, to bring the knowledge of Jesus Christ, Risen, crucified, and Lord of all. May the church be filled anew with the Holy Spirit’s power, and find fresh words and deeds, that proclaim God’s plan, purpose and presence to the people. May their contribution to community life continue to be gracious, effective and helpful. We especially pray for the young people in the Falklands Islands, to hear the Lord speaking to their hearts and minds, renewing their hopes and dreams.

We give thanks for the local fishing community, and pray God’s blessing upon their catch, and their contribution to the global conversation regarding fishing, wildlife and the environment. Living Lord this is your world, may all nations know of your grace, revealed supremely, in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.



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