7 06 2021

Capital: Suva 176,000 people. Total population is about 888,005 people.

Geography: Located in the south of the Pacific Ocean, there are 2 larger and 110 smaller inhabited islands, both volcanic and coralline.

People Groups: South Asian 36% Fijian 52%. Other 11.3%

Economy: “One of the Pacific’s most well developed economies, based largely on tourism and sugar. Consistent budget and trade deficits mean that Fiji is one the world’s largest power capita recipients of aid. The Indian community dominates nearly all commercial activities but lacks long-term security, with almost all land rights denied them. This has in turn caused significant emigration, a brain-drain the country can ill afford.” — Operation World (7th Edition), 2010, Jason Mandryk (Ed.), p. 334

Politics: British Rule (1874-1970). Since Independence, the relative calm and inter-racial balance and relative harmony has been consistently disrupted by military coups.

Religion: Methodist Christians strongly influence the nation, even through the makeup is as follows: Christian 65%, Hindu 27%, Muslim 6%, Non Religious 0.6%, Sikh 0.53 %

Problems: British colonial greed left a long-term legacy of rival ethnicities and segregation in Fiji. Indigenous Fijians have long resented imported Indian indentured labourers, from 1870 onward. At times, Fijians were a minority in their own country. This challenge has resulted in a positive restoring of many traditional Fijian ways, but also a negative protectionist bias in politics and land issues.

Alcoholism. Broken Homes. Coups.

The Methodist Church has been the ‘de facto state church’ in Fiji for 150 years.

Prayer: We pray for the Unity of the Community, for good leadership training for local churches, for mission-vision.

We pray for the wise and peaceful evangelisation of – and genuine love for people among the Hindu and Muslim community, that all may hear of the saving grace of God in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We pray especially for the Holy Spirit’s wise and powerful counsel for those ministering to the Young People of Fiji.



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