Côte d’Ivoire

7 06 2016


Known until 1985 as ‘Ivory Coast’ (English), Côte d’Ivoire is an extremely beautiful place.

It is an African west coast nation situated between Ghana and Liberia. It has rainforest to the south and savannah and highlands in the north.

Capital: Yamoussoukro (895,000 approx.) Abidjan is the economic, cultural capital. Population. 4.1 million.

Population:  24 million approx.

Operation World says: it is “One of the world’s largest producers of cocoa, coffee and palm oil” (p. 284).

They obtained independence from France in 1960.  But political coups, failed peace agreements, and political tensions have dogged the nation. As with many other African nation, there is a Muslim north and a non-Muslim (Christian and animist) south.

Religions: Muslim 41%, Christian 33%, Ethnoreligious 24%

Money: They use the West African Franc. As does Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Togo.

It is good to ponder the very existence, life, uniqueness and glory of every nation. For just as the nations enter the arena of the Olympic Games in a unique, noble, glorious manner, so too from Côte d’Ivoire, “people will bring into [the Holy City , the future community] the glory and honour of this nation” (Revelation 21:26).

Prayer Points:

  1. For political leaders who are visionary, non-partisan and free of corruption.
  2. For ways to handle million of immigrants from neighbouring countries.
  3. For the ongoing growth of the Evangelical churches, sharing God’s Word.
  4. For believers in Christ to resist the temptation to return to animist ways.
  5. For the demographic sectors of society needing the gospel.
  6. For the nearly 1 million people who have contracted AIDS in the country.
  7. For the ministries of many young people who have recently become Christians, to flourish.


Ivory Coast.


Language: French is used by 48% of the population. Also Jula is a native trade language in the north. There are 77 indigenous languages. Only half of these have Scriptures.

Politics: Independent from France in 1960. Lots of tension, and need for stability. Muslims is the north, and non-Muslim in the south. Missionary activity is very difficult.  Syncretism is big. So is Traditional religion.

Prayer: O Lord Jesus, Ascended and at work, we pray for new upcoming leaders who are free of corruption. We give thanks for the rise of Evangelical churches, and pray the blessing of hearing upon the Word; this is the true hope. For movement beyond nominalism in the Catholic churches. For bible teaching to expand, and missionary training to grow. For the many unevangelized people to be reached with the gospel.  For the young people to respind to the Word of hope. Lord hear our prayer.







4 02 2013

Capital: Gaborone, with a population of 201,000.

The Kalahari Desert covers 80% of the total area of this African Country. Understandably it is very dry and prone to severe droughts.  Life expectancy is a mere 53.4 years.

People: 95.4% are Bantu. Others: San (Bushmen) – 2.8%, Zimbabwean, South African, Asian, British.

Language: English, and Setswana.

Politics: A stable democracy (very rare in Africa), independence from Britain in 1966.

Economy: Diamonds, copper, nickel, gold, beef, and tourism are good exports and industries.

Religion: Complete Freedom.  Christian 65.56% with Ethno-religionist 32.6% [note: tiny make-up of Muslim 0.45%]


Baobab Trees, Meerkats, Rhinos, Giraffes, Lions – lots of enjoyment among the creation in this part of Africa.

Prayer Points:

1. Praise first: Economic Growth is steady, corruption rare, freedom of religion and a multiparty democracy is the norm. Biblical influence: Wow.

2. ‘The Tswana people were the first Bantu people in Africa to respond to the gospel. several tribes turned to God in the 19th Century through the LMS from England. Other ministries followed. Today, the majority of Tswana are Christian in name. Sadly, there is widespread immorality, drunkenness and a breakdown of the traditional family structure, including a high proportion of illegitimate children. Other less numerous groups resent the Tswana’s socio-political influence in Botswana.  Pray for a reversal of the moral decline and for renewal among the Tswana.

3. AIDS has devastated the country. Botswana has the world’s second-highest prevalence of AIDS after Swaziland – spread by sexual promiscuity. 28 yrs loss of life expectancy. Over 100,000 AIDS orphans exist in the country. Staggering.

4. Pray for Ministry to the Less-reached peoples:

a. The Kalanga – under cultural domination from the Tswana.

b. The Yeyi (20,000 in the Okavango Delta)

c. The Nambya (15,000 in the northeast)

d. The San – have suffered almost complete destruction of their desert-adapted way of life, due to ranching, mining and tourism. No longer nomadic at all, but resettled in towns and villages. ‘Response is slow but several thousand San may now be Christian in about 20 congregations through the efforts of a dozen agencies. Pray the Lord will help them adapt to the changing world.

e. The Mbukushu and Herero peoples fled the Okavngo Delta due to civil war, and violence spilling out of Angola. Pray for their congregations to flourish.

5. Pray for Ministry to Young People, given the lowered life expectancy and high teen pregnancy, and the impact of AIDS. Pray for AIDS prevention through good discipleship.

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