19 05 2020

Capital: Addis Ababa

Population:  10.8 million

African Nationborders with Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea and Sudan.

Life Expectancy:  54.7 years


  • Semitic/Ethiopian: 14.5%  Amhara, Tigrinya, Gurage, Silti
  • Cushite: 41.6%
    • Oromo. Hararghe, Tulama, Wallega, Macha, Selale, Arsi
    • Somali
    • Afar
  • Omotic
  • Nilotic
  • Other

Language: 35.9% Literacy.  Official: Amharic, English, Regional languages.  Total 88.


Economy: Agriculture. Coffee, cattle, corn. (Decades of under-development and war).

History: An ancient, long, written history. Orthodox Christianity expressed in a State Church, from 1270—1974.

The revolution of 1974 overthrew the Emperor Haile Selassie and imposed Marxism on the country, from 1974—1991. Some 17 years of suppression of freedoms, religions, and political opponents.  Brutal Murders. Mass Graves. Now there is a Red Museum, recalling the horror of Marxism, saying: ‘NEVER AGAIN’.

The costly 1998-2000 war with Eritrea financially drained the nation, but unified it too.

Religion: Today, it is perhaps: 1/3 Orthodox, 1/3 Evangelicals, and 1/3 Muslim.

Points of Praise:

  1. Sustained remarkable growth of evangelical members of churches.
  2. Unity among believers
  3. Bible is increasingly distributed and read
  4. Increased political stability.

Prayer Points:

  1. For uniting in the nation, and for peace with neighbouring nations; especially for a decrease in hostilities with neighbours Somalia, and Eritrea.
  2. Poverty to be overcome. Better use of aid.
  3. For the Orthodox Church to grow, to mature in faith, be transformed in active members who know the gospel well. As a landlocked nation, with no access to a shipping Port, it has been ‘a Christian island in a sea of Islam’ (Operation World, p.329).
  4. Giving Thanks for Massive growth in Protestant and Independent Churches, praying for wisdom, and good fruit in Evangelism and Mission, and in planting of many more churches in Africa and South Asia.
  5. For leadership training. Bless the Lutherans and Pentecostals and Nordic Missions
  6. For wisdom in facing the challenge of Islam’s growing influence on the nation.
  7. For hospital care to battle with HIV/AIDS. For Orphans to be loved and cared for.
  8. For Foreign Mission workers to hear God’s Call and be a blessing.
  9. For the many children and young people on the Addis Ababa Rubbish Dump, needing help and encouragement, and the ability to learn and be nourished.
  10. For the Bingham Academy, in Addis Ababa, where so many children of missionary workers are educated. May the school community, from Reception to Year 12 prosper and grow. Praise God for their work. May the Spirit of Christ Jesus guide, move, bless and awaken this land further to the Father’s love for them.









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