11 12 2012

Bolivia is a land-locked Latin American country. And what a history it has. Prior to European Colonization the Andean region of Bolivia was a part of the Inca Empire.  The conquistadors took control of the region in the 16th century. During the Spanish colonial period it was known as ‘Upper Peru’.

(Peru is to the West, then the sea… while Chile is southwest, and Brazil to the north. Paraguay and Argentina are to the south).


Independence from Spain came in 1825. But. Over 200 successful coups or revolutions have retarded genuine progress.

“Once South America’s richest area, but corrupt, unstable governments, the fall in silver, tin and cotton prices on international markets and a poor infrastructure render it the continent’s poorest nation”.

Population: 10 million. Of these, 9.1 million identify as Christian (7.7 million Catholic).

The Roman Catholic Church remains the official State religion—and that is a problem, in so far as the other groups experience discrimination.

“Pray that the millions of nominal and Christo-pagan Catholics might come to a living faith in Christ”. (OW)

Leadership Training is a desperate need. Evangelical Christians are praying the nation may grow to consist of 30% Christian.

CapitalLa Paz (administrative) 1,673,401; Sucre (legal) 288,000, Other major city: Santa Cruz 1.7 million.


Our Help

3 03 2009

Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth (Psalm 124:8).

1. These words, John Calvin (1550) chose, as the sentence to commence the weekly worship service. 

2. What sort of help do we have? …. All sorts.

3. Immediately prior to this verse,we read of the snare being broken, by the Lord: The snare is broken and we have escaped.

4. The enormous freedom given to a person, by Christ, is full and free. Such freedom is difficult to comprehend. explain or fathom. 

5. The power of the resurrected Christ Jesus, is bearing down upon us, enabling us to freely choose freedom, as our way of life.

6. We don’t use snares, much in our society, to catch birds and so on. But, in our society, there are so many snares, for human beings to wander into. How vast the freedom of being the object of Christ’s grace, breaking the snare of death—and delivering us from all the stupid ways we use, foolishly, to secure ourselves from it. 

7. Today, I am once again, conscious of the Lord’s help. Are you?

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