The Study of the Person and Work of the Father.

In association with the Study of Christology and Pneumatology.

The Trinitarian Faith.

Eight Studies on Pateriology, to follow:

For a good treatment, see G. C. Bingham’s titles, in particular:

I love the Father



2 responses

19 10 2011
James Krieg

Hi Trev,

Your blog came up top in the google search on ‘Pateriology’ (Apart from paid results). That means you are currently the world’s leading theologian on Pateriology 🙂

Why is it that Theological courses always have Christology and Pneumatology but rarely Pateriology?

19 10 2011

Hi James,
Yes, it is one of the needful fields of study and proclamation, for the renewal, and awakening of the church I reckon.
One reason is that we have an inbuilt Adamic problem, in approaching, and contemplating – the Father.
When I said I was some giving studies at BSCA, and that my topic was ‘Pateriology’, a NT scholar said: ‘What’s that?’
So yea, globally, there is lots of room for further fresh insights to come.

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