13 08 2012

The Capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires City, has some 13 million people.

The nation is over 40 million, and the Latin American republic is primarily made up of Hispanic people – 79.1%.

And can you believe, there are as many as 1 million illegal immigrants living there from other Latin American countries.

The official language is Spanish, with 25 other Indigenous Languages spoken too. These are a highly educated people, with great agricultural production in beef, soybeans, wheat and corn.

  • “Inept governments took the nation from one of the world’s richest in 1900 to almost total economic meltdown” (OM). A strong recovery has occurred since 2001, but a high rate of poverty and unemployment among the poor, continues.
  • 89% Christian, primarily Catholic. But evangelicals enjoy respect and freedom.
  • Renewal of Christian faith and large scale evangelism has deeply affected the nation since 1983. Revival has occurred in Olmos High security prison, with half of the 3,000 inmates, now Christian.  It has spread, as one might imagine.
  • There is a 200,000-strong Jewish community – one of the world’s largest: highly secularized and prosperous.
  • The sophisticated upper class are hard to reach with the gospel.
  • There are up to 500,000 slum dwellers.
  • The missionary vision of the nation Church is growing and maturing, and it possess great potential to make Argentina a great sending nation.
  • One of their great, well know Liberation theologians was Dr. José Miguez Bonino.

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