Cayman Islands

6 07 2013

Cayman Islands – in the Caribbean. Consisting of 3 coral islands south of Cuba.

Capital: George Town.

Banks: Over 600 banks! “Money, money, money – it’s a rich man’s world.”  Yes, this place is “the most affluent Caribbean economy by a safe margin. The wealth is derived from offshore banking, tourism, insurance and indirect taxation – it is a tax haven” (O.W.) The assets rest at over $600 billion with some 70,000 companies registered here. The prayer is that the wealth of the islands may be used in the action of God’s kingdom.

Politics: A British dependent territory with representative government.

Population:  58, 000 people of which: 77% are Christian, 13% Ethnoreligionist, 6.8% Non-religious, and 1.7% Jewish. Baha’i, Hindu and Muslim are small in number.

Churches: There are over 90 churches, 1 for every 500 people.  Many are evangelical. Interestingly the nations flag bears part of Psalm 24 “He hath founded it upon the seas”. The new constitution bears recognition of the Christian heritage.

Problems: Money laundering.

Tourism: Annually, well over 1 million tourists visit the islands.

Prayer:  Gracious Father, who gives us all things richly to enjoy—Creator of such a beautiful world—we pray that many people may be confronted—while in the Cayman Islands—by the Living Christ, even as they are in the midst of pursuing pleasure as an end in itself. Speak to hearts here of the great eternities, of your cross and other person-centred, holiness confessing, serving death, as the judgment place of this world. May the fleeting pleasures of sin, ever be contrasted with the extraordinary truth of the redemption of all creation, and the need to be a friend of God to participate in the age to come. Help us all consider our days, and the true place of wealth in the scheme of things.  Thanks Lord Jesus for the story, or parable of the man who just built bigger and bigger barms to store his grain, and then, suddenly he was called to give account of his life, and was seen to be a ‘fool’. He had refused to participate in this life in what God was doing, and so, had really made no preparation for the real future, before us all. May we not neglect the good news, but seek  to share in this hope, in your redemptive plan, for the suffering. May we receive the forgiveness of sins, and turn anew to you dear God, filled with your Spirit, and your heart for all the nations.

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