Lord of himself and all besides…

1 05 2012

Lord of himself and all besides; with an irresistible power to force, and even hurry, events on a world scale; and yet with the soul that sat among children, and the heart in which children sat. He had an intense reverence for the past that was yet too small for Him. It rent Him to rend it, and yet He had to break it up, to the breaking of His own heart, in the greatest revolution the world ever saw. He was an austere man, a severe critic, a born fighter, of choleric wrath and fiery scorn, so that the people thought he was Elijah or the Baptist; yet He was gentle to the last degree, especially with those ignorant and out of the way. In the thick of life and love he yet stood detached, sympathetic yet aloof, cleaving at once both to men and to solitude. …With an almost sacramental idea of human relations, especially the central relation of marriage, he yet avoided for Himself every bond of property, vocation, or family; and He cut these bonds when they stood between men and Himself… With a royal, and almost proud, sense of Himself, he poured out His soul unto God and unto death and was the friend of publicans and sinners. ‘King and beggar (says Weidel), Hero and Child, Prophet and Reformer, Polemist and Prince of Peace, Ruler and Servant, Revolutionist and Sage, man of action, man of ideas, and man of the Word—He was all these strange things, and more, in one person.

(P. T. Forsyth – The Person and Place of Jesus Christ, p. 65f).

“Such is the figure who dominates the Gospels”, says Forsyth.

So, blog readers, here is true humanity. Here is Jesus, the Messiah. Here folks, here is the One who is interested in your life, and in your eternal wellbeing. Here is One, who speaks to our present moment, through the Spirit. Here is One who came to atone, and who comes to indwell, and affect and change. ‘Behold, the Man’!

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