Three things come not back

3 06 2009

Three things come not back – the spoken word, the spent arrow, the missed opportunity. 

Sometimes pithy little sayings stay with you. Like this one.

They have their place. Yes, they can be trite cliche’s. And, yes they can be annoying. And yes, they can keep one in baby land – in a way… by avoiding tackling a longer piece of thoughtful work. They can be an illusion, thinking we now have something deep, when we don’t. But they can act as a valuable prod, to be about what counts. And to go about things in a gracious manner. 30 years later, or so, one can still recall that spoken word, which went out – and it jarred, grated or offended.  It is out there now! 

And missed opportunities? Enough said.

The spent arrow!

I guess… it may have cost many an Indian warrior, his life. Or his lunch.

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