Karl Barth

11 04 2012

Among the greatest of all theologians, the name of Karl Barth is big in the theology department!  One only has to read a small part of the work of Karl Barth to realise that he is a man with something great to say about creation, reconciliation, God the Father, Jesus Christ the Eternal Son, The Holy Spirit, the resurrection, the crucifixion, human hope, the future, the joy of life in the present, suffering, thinking, the Bible, demonic power, the Word of God, experience, theology, Christo-centricity, sin, salvation, law, living life, and being human. 

Here is a new link to some of his work:



Enjoy. And wrestle! Cheers.

Karl Barth – Yes and No (JA and NEIN)

21 03 2012

Karl Barth – Yes and No (JA and NEIN)

“Yes”!!! –  some say: “Barth’s theology presents within itself a structure of radical openness toward the world” (Paul S. Chung).

To which others who emphasis Barth’s Christocentric view say: “No”.

Q. Now do you understand?   Y and N!

Why God Created:

26 03 2010

Karl Barth wrote:

. . . God did not remain satisfied with His own being in Himself. He reached out to something beyond, willing something more than His own being. He willed and posited the beginning of all things with Himself. But this decision can mean only an overflowing of His glory. It can consist only in a revelation and communication of the good which God has and also is in Himself.

(Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics, vol. 2, pt 2, T. & T. Clark, Edinburgh,1957, p. 168).

Karl Barth – God in the History of His Deeds, on mp3

29 04 2009

Karl Barth: Great Theologian:

“evangelical theology is concerned with Immanuel, ‘God with us’… a happy science!”

The much-loved, much-studied, and much-criticised theologian, Karl Barth is not with us, bodily, for he is now, with the Risen Lord Jesus.

Karl has departed from his participation in this world—where sin and death are present. But, if you are interested, you can still … ha! read his books (this post was originally about an MP3 lecture in English. But it is no longer at that URL.  I am sorry to say, I can’t direct you to listen to him.  Oh well. If anyone knows where it went, please let me know!)

I—did—love the accent … as he spoke in English!

So instead of listening to a quote, why not read a little of his writing…

“The truth of the knowledge that Christ in his revelation has the power of the Creator, depends upon it being the acknowledgment of a fact and  not an arbitrary combination. Where this power is experienced, there is literally nothing to combine, creation and revelation are not two truths to be held side by side, compared with each other and put into touch with each other, but the one reality of Jesus Christ, as the Revealer with the power of the Creator.  And in that case this power of the Creator cannot be thought of as one specially related and limited to revelation. Augustine, therefore is right when he lets even the angels, and Luther therefore, is right when he lets even the broody hen, be created  by the Word. ” (p. 511-512, CD, Volume 1. Part 1)

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