Six World Views

13 01 2009

David A. Noebel has written a very comprehensive book entitled: ‘Understanding the Times’ (Summit Press).

In this book he lists, the six major world views as follows:

(1) Christianity

(2) Islam

(3) Secular Humanism

(4) Marxism-Leninism

(5) Cosmic Humanism (Hinduism, New Age)

(6) Post Modernism


He then gives a detailed, succinct analysis of the following areas, in each World View:

1. Theology

2. Philosophy

3. Ethics

4. Biology

5. Psychology

6. Sociology

7. Law

8. Politics

9. Economics 

10. History.

  * He concedes you could add Art, Music and Literature.

However, he claims that in these 60 ideas (6 World Views x 10 Disciplines), one has the Key to Understanding the Times in  which we are living.

This is a book well worth reading, pondering, and reflecting upon. Having seen this outline, or overview, one then needs, of course, the wisdom given by God, to chart a truthful course through life, amidst all this. Whether at school, in the workforce, in the church, or just as a thoughtful member of the community, this book can help a person to set their thinking in a clearer light.

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