15 07 2014

‘The Union of the Comoros’, Africa.

Three volcanic islands between Madagascar and Mozambique.
















Population: 700, 000

Capital: Moroni (49, 800)

Peoples: Comorian 97.6% (Mixed Arab, African and Malagsy ancestry, part of the Swahili-Bantu people cluster)

Literacy: 56%

Languages: Arabic, French, Comorian

Economy: Underdeveloped, poor, overpopulated. Major Exports: perfumes, spices (vanilla, cloves). Most work in agriculture, but the nation still depends on food aid and rice imports. Many Comorians work abroad and send money home.

Political instability from over 20 coups.

Religion: Muslim 98.84%, Christian 0.93% Hindu 0.9%

Almost completely unevangelised before 1973.

Prayer Points:

Operation World says: “Islamic fundamentalism is on the rise. However, most are involved in occult practices through witchcraft, curses and spirit possession. Many young people – disillusioned with life in this society that offers so little hope – attempt to find solace in drugs, sex or the opportunity to leave the islands. Pray that they might have opportunities to hear the gospel of life that offers hope to all. Evangelism is forbidden, and those who convert to Christianity can expect severe reprisals from the community and from their own family. Harassment and persecution have risen in frequency and intensity in recent years. Pray for courage for those choosing to follow Jesus, and wisdom for all who must work out their faith in this hostile atmosphere”.

Signs of Hope: The number of believers (6, 410) is gradually increasing. The quiet witness of medical and veterinary workers, who are believers, living there, has won credit and honour to the name of Jesus Christ.

O Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Creator and Redeemer of the nations of the world, may your Word of Life and hope come in the Spirit’s power to many more living in Comoros. We pray for the experience of freedom – of mind and heart and conscience – and the joy it brings to a person, to inspire the courage needed to live against the tide of unbelief, superstition, and darkness. For the Christians there today, may the Spirit uplift their hopes, knowing that it is not an impossible situation for real change. In the name of Jesus, the most positive and realistic person who ever lived—and who lives as Lord now! Amen.

Comoros Flag


Prayer is Trinitarian

19 05 2011

Pray in the Spirit at all times in every prayer and supplication (Ephesians 6:18).

No one is an expert in prayer, except for Jesus.

Prayer is participation in the life, communion and action of the Triune God. It is trinitarian. Prayer is life lived in union with Jesus, unto the Father, in the Spirit. Some cried out to Jesus, ‘have mercy’ and he heard their cry!  Now, as those filled with the Spirit, we can pray with Jesus, in his Sonship.

The Father sends the Son, and in their union and communion, they enter our world of human wonder, joy, activity, sorrow, agony and grief.  The Son prays to the Father, and seeks his kindness and knows his way.  The Father speaks to the Son, and shows him all that he is doing. Jesus does nothing on his own.

The Spirit of the Father, is the Spirit of the Son, and this Spirit is upon the Son, and aids the Son in all he does. The Spirit aids the Son in his death. The Spirit broods over the deep in creation. The Spirit awaits, too the day of resurrection. The Spirit is poured out by the Father, through Jesus on the Day of Pentecost. Jesus breathes the Spirit upon his disciples for the power of witness and proclamation.

Men and women, boys and girls receive the Spirit, and the forgiveness of sins, and all the blessings of Christ’s cross.

God sends the Spirit of his Son, into our heart, and we cry ‘Abba, Father!’.

The Spirit groans within us, as together we all anticipate, and await with eager longing the coming day when all things in creation are made new.

We do not know how to pray as we ought. But the Spirit intercedes, with cries and utterances and groanings too deep for words.

The ‘Pentecostals’ are quite right about some things. The Spirit prays within us, and the language of the Spirit flows out, through our lips, and our spirits, as we participate -in the Spirit- in the mystery of prayer. We do pray in the Spirit.

Formal prayers are no less prayers. Prayer from the heart, is our communication with and communion with, and a sign of our union with this Christ, who cried out in prayer, in the garden of Gethsemane, and at the cross. He was heard. The Father was honored. Sin was dealt with. Grace was exacted, and flowed, and flows. Pray in the Spirit.

Father, in Jesus name, together with him, in the Spirit, we pray for the nations to hear your Word of grace with gladness, to receive your justifying grace, and to be renewed in your most gracious love. May Holy Love flow and flow, to the outmost parts of the earth, until ever creature hears this Word of life, and hope. Jesus is Risen. The Father has triumphed over evil in him. The Spirit has been poured out upon all flesh. Receive the Spirit.

For what shall we pray?  Pray in the Spirit, and all times in every prayer and supplication. And we shall know. We shall pray along with Jesus, and he is the expert in prayer.

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