Australians… and beliefs

What do Australians believe?

Did you know?

  • In the 2011 Census Australians reported that they were primarily Christians.
  • 61 % of the population consider themselves to be Christian
Religious Affiliation
  • Christian   61%       (13.15 million)
  • Buddhist    2.5%    (  0.52  million)
  • Islam         2.2%     (  0.47  million)
  • Hinduism   1.3%     (  0.27  million)
  • Judaism    0.5%     (  0.09  million)
  • Other        0.8%     (  0.16  million)
  • No Religion 22.3%  (  4.79  million)     * Atheists are part of this group
Q. Does the media—say for example, the Govt’s ABC—portray this sort of an Australia?–2013


1. Christian faith teaches that we should honor all people, of all creeds.

2. It also teaches that the resurrection of Jesus is Public Truth. (Leslie Newbigin)


Q. Is it appropriate that we, all therefore, walk on tenterhooks in these matters?  I think not.

Q. Could these figures be a major contributing factor as to why Australia is a generally fine place to live?

3 responses

26 08 2009

I would suggest that you read and listen to this talk re ALL religion as self-serving CULT.

27 08 2009

Thanks John. But when you’ve finally come home to the Father, in the Son’s drawing-all-cross, by the inner action of the Spirit – you really don’t feel inclined to go searching in the land of the lost, again.

19 08 2012
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